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Final Elementary Exit Test 1A

Final Elementary Exit Test 1A toplam 45 dakika sürmektedir.

Final Elementary Exit Test 1A test sonuçları ve önerilerimizi SMS yolu ile ileteceğiz. Formu doldurduktan sonra sonuçları görebileceksiniz.


We ____ to Warsaw because it was very cold.

Have you done your homework ____ ?

____ is your surname?

Is it hot today?

I ____ from Madrid.

Please don’t talk ____ . I can’t understand.

____ in Poland?

Dan ____ in a hospital.

When ____ work?

Do they like French food?

There ____ an armchair in my living room.

When I was seven, I ____ .

Have you seen ____ film yet?

Are there ____ photos on the wall?

I ____ .

London is _____ city in Britain.

They ____ at work last week.

Our children ____ born in Tokyo.

What’s ____ name?

Josie ____ a mountain.

____ was she last night?

Where ____ you yesterday?

I’m going to Barcelona ____ a holiday.

When are you ____ your homework?

I think this wallet is ____ .

Is this test ____ ?

Buses are usually ____ taxis.

I ____ a cat.

Tomorrow evening, he ____ dinner for his new girlfriend.

There aren’t ____ eggs in the fridge.

Did you go swimming yesterday? ____

Where ____ yesterday evening?

Write the short form of the underlined words.

  1. Jon is a teacher.         Jon's   
  2. She has not got a brother.
  3. We are going shopping.
  4. James is not at work today.
  5. I am not a student.
  6. They have been to Egypt.
  7. Jane did not work yesterday.
  8. I have not seen the film yet.
  9. We are not going shopping.
  10. He was not at home on Friday.
  11. It does not rain here in summer.

Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Jean-Paul and Nicole (1) _are_ (be) French. They (2) (meet) three years ago when they(3) (be) students in Paris. They (4) (get) married in 2015 and they(5) (buy) a flat just outside Paris. They (6) (live) there for a year, but Nicole (7) (not be) happy with her job in a bank.
In 2016, Nicole (8) (see) an advertisement for a job in Montreal. She (9) (write) to the company and she (10) (get) the job. Nicole (11) (move) to Canada and she(12) (live) there for a year now.  Jean-Paul (13) (not move) there yet because he (14) (have) a good job in Paris. They (15) (see) each other once a month. Jean-Paul (16) (look) for work in Montreal right now, but he (17) (not speak) English very well so it’s quite difficult. At the moment Nicole (18) (live) in a small flat, but she (19) (want) to buy a house when Jean-Paul finally moves to Montreal. He says he (20) (go) to move when he (21) (find) a good job in Canada.

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition from the box.
with • of •  at • on • in •  in •  on • from • in •  by •  for • to • at

  1. Anthony lives _in_ London.
  2. Do you want to come to the cinema me?
  3.  Kerry isn’t work today.
  4. Joanne is holiday this week.
  5. We met a party.
  6. I bought a pizza my way home.
  7. Dad’s making dinner the kitchen.
  8. Torsten comes Berlin.
  9. What do you usually have breakfast?
  10. I like listening music.
  11. Mum is on holiday Spain.
  12. Lots people watch football on Saturday.
  13. We usually go to work car.

Put the words in the correct column. There are four extra words.
professorliving roomshampoo • bus • stop • fantastic • notebook • rainforest • museum • architect • kettle • uncle • amazing • kitchen • plasters • hairdresser • hard • niece • post office • lamp • lawyer • adaptor • wonderful • bathroom • teacher • boarding pass




Match a verb in A to a noun in B.

Example: play -> the violin

look after

Complete the everyday conversations.

  1. A: Can I help you?
    B: Yes, I’m l for a dictionary.
    A: They’re on that bookshelf.
    B: H   much are they?
    A: They go from eight to twenty-five euros.
  2. A: It’s very bad weather. What s we do ?
    B: Let's go the cinema!
    A: Good idea.
  3. A: W you like some dessert?
    B: Yes, please. I’d l some ice cream.
  4. A:  What’s the d today?
    B: It’s the 12th of December.
  5. A: Exc me! Is there a bank near here ?
    B: Yes. Go a Green Road, past the school and it’s on your right.
    A: OK, thanks.
  6. A: What’s the w like today?
    B: It’s cool and cloudy.
  7. A: Can I s to Dave, please?
    B: I’m afraid he’s not here.
  8. A: Patrick and I are getting married.
    B: That’s fantastic! C s!
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Final Elementary Skills Test 1

Okuma, yazma ve dinleme toplam 45 dakika sürmektedir.

Final Elementary Skills Test 1 test sonuçları ve önerilerimizi SMS yolu ile ileteceğiz. Formu doldurduktan sonra sonuçları görebileceksiniz.



At the cinemas this week
Mitch Forman interviews Russ Sparks, the star of a new independent film. Mr Sparks is in town to promotehis new film, The University of Life.
MF: Hello, Mr Sparks. (1) _d_
RS: Certainly.
MF: (2)
RS: Well, it’s the story of a young lawyer. He lives in the centre of New York City, he’s rich, he has a great apartment, he has a lovely family, but he isn’t happy. He has trouble sleeping, and he often works very late. Then, one day, his life changes when he becomes friends with an old man at the city hospital.
MF: (3)
RS: He gives up his job at the law firm, and he becomes a song-writer and jazz pianist.
MF: (4)
RS: The old man tells him simple stories about his life. The lawyer learns a lot from these stories things he didn’t learn at expensive private schools and university. These stories help him to understand himself and be happy.
MF: (5)
RS: One of my co-stars is the writer of The University of Life. Annika Fredriksen is an amazing person. She’s a wonderful actress, and in her free time, she’s the singer of a fabulous R&B band, The Moon Rocks.
MF: (6)
RS: She’s the young lawyer’s wife. I play the lawyer.
MF: (7)
RS: Yes, it does. The lawyer loves his new job. He also has time to enjoy his family again, thanks to the help of the old man. Saleh al-Ghaoui plays the old man. I love working with him. I learn a lot from him about acting, too.
MF: Thank you very much for talking to us!

1) Complete the interview with the missing questions (a–h). There is one extra question.

  1. What’s the film about?
  2. Why is the title of the film The University of Life?
  3. Who does she play in the film?
  4. Can I ask you some questions about your new film?
  5. Does the film have a happy ending?
  6. Is it a film about getting a good education?
  7. What happens then?
  8. Who is the writer of the film?

Read the interview quickly and choose the correct answer.

Who is Saleh al-Ghaoui?

Read the interview again. Write true (T) or false (F). If there is no information in the text about the statement, write no information (N).

  1. Mitch Forman is the star of a new film. _F_
  2. The young lawyer is unhappy because he isn’t rich.
  3. He goes to hospital because he has trouble sleeping.
  4. The lawyer stops working for the law firm.
  5. The lawyer gives the old man a lot of money.
  6. Russ Sparks sings in a band called The Moon Rocks.
  7. Russ says that Saleh teaches him a lot about his job.

Complete the sentences with information about you.

All about me

My name’s .
I’m a and I’m years old.
I married.
I’m from and I live in a .
My school is in and it’s near .
The students in my class are very and our teacher is .

Write a paragraph about your family and your home. Write about:

  • who is in your family.
  • what they do.
  • where you live.
  • what your home is like.

Write your paragraph in 60–100 words.


Play the audio first:

Listen. Choose the correct answer.

He usually has dinner

The club closes at

He goes ___ around three-thirty.

He ___ all morning.

When he gets up, he has

___ makes lunch.

He likes watching ___ on TV.

He ___ in the afternoon.

He doesn’t have free time

Play the audio first:

Listen again. Tick(✓) seven more activities the man says he does.

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