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Final Pre-Intermediate Exit Test A

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Final Pre-Intermediate Exit Test A test sonuçları ve önerilerimizi SMS yolu ile ileteceğiz.


Complete the questions with one word.

  1.  Who  is your best friend?
  2. are you? I’m fine, thanks.
  3. much money did you spend at the weekend?
  4. mum is going to drive us to the party?
  5. are you going to do when you retire?
  6. did your family live when you were a child – in the town or in the countryside?
  7. How have you been working in a bank?
  8. you have to be at home by midnight on weekdays?
  9. cereal eaten for breakfast in China?
  10. film do you want to see: the new James Bond or the latest Star Trek movie?
  11. you able to buy the tickets yesterday?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova became (become) the first woman in space.
  2. I didn’t know why he sent me those flowers, but now I (understand).
  3. you (watch) TV when I called?
  4. She’ll call you as soon as she (arrive).
  5. Sally was fed up with (work) every weekend, so she quit her job.
  6. Joanna (have) short hair since we graduated ten years ago.
  7. When we were kids, we (not have) to wear a school uniform.
  8. I arrived late at the party and most of the guests (leave).
  9. He was really hungry because he (not eat) since breakfast.
  10. Huw (go) to Maidstone United matches every week for the past twenty years.
  11. you (get on) well with your cousins when you were a kid?

Choose the correct words.

  1. I’ve got a very well-paid job. I ( owe / earn / pay ) a lot of money.
  2. In 2009, frozen water was (invented/developed/discovered) on the moon.
  3. Try not to (make/have/do) a lot of mistakes in your homework.
  4. Nowadays fewer and fewer English people (say/speak/talk) foreign languages.
  5. Last month, I decided to (apply/run/change) for a job in IT.
  6. (Would/Do/Are)   you mind closing the window? I’m really cold!
  7. I’m going to (start/prepare/decide) a business when I finish university.
  8. (Do/Make/Have) a good time on holiday. Take some good photographs to show me.
  9. My sister’s (doing/studying/having) a course in photography this year.
  10. Can I borrow your mobile? I need to (give/make/do) a phone call.
  11. I don’t want to (lose/fail/fall)   my exams at the end of term.

Choose the correct options.
What time … you … the party last Saturday?

Choose the correct options.
Paul … in Rome for twelve years now.

Choose the correct options.
"How long … they … each other?" "Since secondary school."

Choose the correct options.
… she … to go to work on Sundays?

Choose the correct options.
Has he been doing his homework all afternoon?

Choose the correct options.
Do you think it … rain tomorrow?

Choose the correct options.
I … buy a new jacket – I don’t know yet.

Choose the correct options.
… Dacia cars … in Romania?

Choose the correct options.
Can I have … apple juice?

Choose the correct options.
I’m not enjoying the party. I don’t know … here.

Choose the correct options.
… to the United States?

Choose the correct options.
If we moved to Paris, we … learn to speak French.

Choose the correct options.
Next year I hope … back to my home town.

Choose the correct options.
What’s your brother like?

Choose the correct options.
Three million people … the park since it opened in 1993.

Choose the correct options.
If you don’t leave now, you … the train.

Choose the correct options.
James was having dinner … he was watching the news on TV.

Choose the correct options.
Aberdeen is quite a lot colder … Bristol.

Choose the correct options.
I don’t think you … go out when it’s dark outside.

Choose the correct options.
The test wasn’t so difficult, …?

Match 1–11 with the verbs from the box to make collocations. Use each verb only once.

deal • drop • expect • feel • go • look • make • pay • start • study • take

  1.   take   somebody’s temperature
  2. jealous
  3. skydiving
  4. a baby
  5. with problems
  6. a complaint
  7. for a degree
  8. a business
  9. like your parents
  10. out of university
  11. rent

Read the text and complete the gaps with words a–l. There is one word you don’t need to use.

a: until
b: became
c: putting
d: also
e: that
f: eat
g: were
h: when
i: are
j: for
k: sold
l: there

Fish has been eaten in Britain, an island, 1 _j_ thousands of years. In the 17th century potatoes 2 brought from Latin America. However, it wasn’t 3 the 19th century that Mr Marlin had the idea of 4 fish and potatoes together and making fish and chips. When he opened his fish and chip shop in London in 1860, it quickly 5 popular with working people who needed quick, filling meals.
By the 1920s 6 were 31,000 fish and chip shops in Britain, although there 7 only 8,000 today. A recent study found 8 Britain’s favourite fast food is still fish and chips, even though British people 9 love food from other countries like pizza from Italy, curry from India, and Chinese food.
The traditional way to 10 fish and chips is to buy them wrapped in paper and to have them with salt and vinegar. Originally, they were wrapped in newspaper, but most are 11 in white paper now.

Complete the sentences with words from the box. There is one word you don’t need to use.

although • for • from • however • of • so • such • that • to • where • which • who

  1. On that day, I met the man _who_ later became my husband.
  2. I don’t like most sweet things, I love chocolate.
  3. Chris doesn’t speak Spanish. , he speaks Catalan.
  4. Mike was feeling really tired he went home early.
  5. First all, I think everyone likes music.
  6. Our town, is on the coast, is called Oldport.
  7. I apologize our misunderstanding yesterday.
  8. The food’s really spicy and I like .
  9. I look forward hearing from you again soon.
  10. John is a nice man. I really enjoy talking to him.
  11. The place I was born is a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

Chosee the correct words.

To: info@Yorklanguageschool
Subject: English courses

(1)For / _Dear_ / To Mr Moore,
I saw your (2) (advertisement/report/letter) for English courses in this week’s newspaper. I would like to (3) (go/apply/have) for a place on one of your English courses.
I (4) (spent/took/spend) two years living and studying in America, (5) (because/so/but) my English is quite good. I have excellent spoken English and good pronunciation (6) (so/and/but) my writing is not great. I would especially like to (7) (improve/better/try) my spelling.
Please could you (8) (send/take/explain) me some more information about your courses and an (9) (advertisement/email/application) form.
I look (10) (for/forward/toward) to hearing from you as soon as possible.
(11)Yours (faithfully/Best wishes/Yours sincerely) ,
James Taylor

Choose the correct phrases.

  1. A What are you doing this weekend?
    B (Lucky you!/My pleasure./Nothing special.)
  2. A How are you?
    B (How are you?/Oh, great!/Fine, thanks.)
  3. A Can I talk to you for a minute?
    B (You’re welcome./Sure. What about?/I hope so anyway.)
  4. A Thanks for having me. I really enjoyed my stay.
    B (You’re welcome./I’m so grateful/That sounds good.)
  5. A What a beautiful day!
    B (Oh, great!/Same to you./Yes, lovely, isn’t it?)
  6. A Would you mind helping me with this box?
    B (What about that?/Never mind./Not at all.)
  7. A What seems to be the problem?
    B (I haven’t felt well lately./I’m a stranger here myself./Not good at all.)
  8. A I’ll give you my mobile number.
    B (My pleasure./Do you have mine?/I had no idea.)
  9. A How about the new film by Scorsese?
    B (That sounds interesting./What time is it open?/I know what you mean.)
  10. A We’re going on holiday next week.
    B (Is it any good?/Perhaps another time./Sounds nice. Where to?)
  11. A I must be going now.
    B (It’s time for one right now./Don’t mention it./I hope you get home all right.)
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Final Pre-intermediate Skills Test 1

Okuma, yazma ve dinleme toplam 45 dakika sürmektedir.

Final Pre-intermediate Skills Test 1 test sonuçları ve önerilerimizi SMS yolu ile ileteceğiz.



Blind date next door

Romance magazine talked to Dan who tells us about how he found the love of his life.
1 _c_
Dan Actually, we met at three very different times in our lives. We were both born in Bath and we actually grew up in the same street. Jess’s parents ran an art gallery across the road from our house. We knew each other as children but not well. Six years is a big age difference when you’re a kid.
Dan After school I started university in Oxford. My best friend there was Paul. We’re still very close: he’s like a brother to me. One day I went round to see him for coffee. He introduced me to his cousin who was visiting. She was so attractive she took my breath away.
Dan She was very chatty and funny. As the evening progressed, I liked her more and more. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I found out she was just 16 – I thought she was too young for me. I was just starting my Master’s degree in English, so I was 22 then.
Dan No, I didn’t – not then. One summer Paul and I visited my old home town. We were staying with my parents. Over dinner, Paul mentioned something about the art gallery his uncle owned across the road. That’s when I realized who Jess was.
Dan No, we didn’t. We met years later. I went on a chatroom website, and I started exchanging messages with a very nice, 21-year-old girl. We sent each other links to songs and videos on the net that we both liked, we talked about the best places in Bath to go out to eat, that sort of thing. It took me some time to get the courage to ask her out on a date.
Dan We agreed to meet outside the Assembly Rooms, and go from there to an Indian restaurant close by. But as I was leaving home, I ran into Jess in the street. We talked a bit, then she said she was in a hurry because she had a blind date with someone. Of course, that someone was me.
Dan Yes and no. It was the beginning of my happiest relationship. But it wasn’t really a blind date – I have known her all my life!

Complete the interview with the missing questions (a–h). There is one extra question.

  1. Where were you planning to go together?
  2. Was it the best blind date you’ve ever had?
  3. When did you meet your wife for the first time?
  4. Did you realize you knew Jess from your childhood?
  5. What did you talk about on your first date?
  6. Where did you see her again?
  7. What was she like?
  8. Did you meet in Bath when you were there with Paul?

Read the interview quickly and choose the correct letter.

Read the interview again. Write true (T) or false (F).

  1. Dan and Jess both grew up in Bath. _T_
  2. There is a six-year age difference between them so they weren’t close friends as children.
  3. Paul is Jess’s brother.
  4. Jess was 16 when Dan met her in Oxford.
  5. Paul and Dan visited Paul’s uncle in Bath.
  6. Jess and Dan chatted online about music and eating out.
  7. Jess didn’t recognize Dan when they ran into each other.

Think about the best café or restaurant you know. Write a short email to your best friend telling him/her about the place. Write about:

  • the name of the place and where it is.
  • what the place is like.
  • what kind of food they serve and what dishes you would recommend.
  • why you like it and why you recommend it.

Write your email in 60–100 words.

Write a description of your best friend’s family. Write about:

  • how many people are in his/her family and what their names are
  • what they do for a living.
  • what they are like.
  • what your relationship with them is like.

Write your description in 100–150 words.


Play the audio first:

Listen to five short extracts. Write the number of the correct extract (1–5) for the summaries. There is one extra summary.

  1. a radio news programme
  2. friends talking about some personal news
  3. shop assistants helping a customer
  4. a customer ordering food in a restaurant
  5. someone doing a favour for a friend
  6. someone talking to a dinner guest in their home

Listen again. Choose the correct answer.

What are Jack and Will celebrating?

Listen again. Choose the correct answer.

What does the woman buy in the shop?

Listen again. Choose the correct answer.

Which of the following things does the guest NOT eat or drink?

Listen again. Choose the correct answer.

Which news does the newsreader mention?

Listen again. Choose the correct answer.

Where does Chris want to go?

Listen again. Write true (T) or false (F)

  1. Jack and Will are meeting at eight in the morning tomorrow.
  2. The woman only tries on the trainers in one size.
  3. The guest doesn’t mind drinking regular coffee because it’s still early.
  4. Internazionale scored three goals in the second half of the match.
  5. Sam lends Chris money for petrol.
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